About Telge Glima
We are a cultural-society that perform and instruct the public in old scandinavian games and sports.
Our cultural-society Telge Glima base its activities on performing and instructing the public in old nordic games and sports. We have travelled around in all of scandinavia as well as many other european countries with our shows.

The old games and sports we perform, play and test are originally a part of the everyday life of the farmers, workers and burgess. Thus, Telge Glíma practices the games and sports of the common people.

Telge Glima was founded in the year 1990 in Södertälje, near Stockholm, Sweden. The founders came together with a mutual interest in history and old sports and games.

this is who we are

Our society's main goal is to keep old sports and games of the Nordic alive and try to spread the knowledge about the enormous treasure of this almost forgotten part of Scandinavian culture. We started as a Glima-wrestling group, an old Scandinavian way of wrestling.
But after a few years we saw that the history of sports and games included so much more and we focused our research on the more threatened parts.
We read about the games in libraries and archives, try them out and at the end, show them to whomever wants to have a glimpse into our common past. People have always played games for amusement and we know, for example, that the Vikings appreciated a good sportsman.

The games we perform go all the way back from Viking age up till the nineteenth century and the games the farmhands and other people played back then. They have names like ”Badger the Bear”, ”Hitting the Jug”, ”Master of the circle” or ”Backwards leap”. We perform at museums, at schools and in viking- medieval- and farmers markets.
The old games and sports that are performed, played and tested by Telge Glíma were originally a part of the everyday life of the farmers, workers and burgess - we practice the games and sports of the people. We also perform at bachelor parties, bridal showers, company parties, sometimes with the opportunity for the spectators to compete, practice and try it out for themselves. We have travelled around all of Scandinavia and other European countries as well as USA showing this spectacular form of Scandinavian culture.

The games usually are very easy to play and only require your body, a rope, a stick or some other everyday tool. By using these simple means you can practice hundreds of different games and sports that test your agility, swiftness, strength, hardness and flexibility by yourself, against others or in groups. Some of the games are more violent than others but most of the games each and everyone can try themselves.

Telge Glima has about 25 members with different backgrounds. What we all have in common is the love of combining history with bruises! We all really appreciate fun and games, we share a curiosity about our past, and for sure we encourage playful competitions.